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“This is a token of appreciation to say Thank You for being there when I needed support during the court case, giving me the advice/guidance when I felt like I had no one to turn to and for helping me with my son.

The last few years has been some of the darkest days of my life, with unbearable fear and pain. Continuous struggle, through the trials and hardships that Allah SWT is testing me with. My faith and strength was tested to breaking point.

However, Allah SWT places kind souls and even strangers in your life to help along the way.

Thank you for your kindness, listening and help during most difficult time of my life. May Allah SWT reward you in this life and then next. Ameen”.

-  Fatama

“Parul has unique ability to connect and listen that allows the Coachee to discover their hidden potential and work towards achieving their goals. Parul's coaching has helped many students to come out of their comfort zone, tackle limiting beliefs and achieve goals that they thought they would never be able to do. Parul is able to communicate with a wide variety of personalities and helped many of our students to reach their potential throughunderstanding each person's strengths and weaknesses. She has been a huge asset to Yes Futures and I cannot recommend her highly enough”.

-  Sarah Wallbank - Chief Executive, YES FUTURES

“Parul’s warm and enthusiastic approach allows you to discover your own hidden strengths and with her guidance, you get the support to move beyond your own limiting beliefs. Parul is characterised by her commitment to your growth journey, helping you navigate through both professional and personal challenges, allowing you to step outside your “comfort zone” to make extraordinary things happen. I cannot recommend her highly enough”.
- Richard Barnardo   

“You are always the real, sincere, open, honest and strong female leader and entrepreneur I know.  You are open to share and you have so much useful content to share, and I have enjoyed our conversations. Thank you for your time, my lovely”.

-  Lena Chen

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