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Dr. Parul Begum

We engage in a number of different Speaking events. Dr. Parul is a highly sought-after international keynote speaker, award-winning life and leadership coach, and best-selling author, Parul Begum is one of the most compelling, compassionate, and captivating voices in motivational speaking today. She empowers people worldwide with her message that anyone can come back from any setback, obstacle, or challenge and never have to be limited by past experiences or current circumstances. Audiences are so inspired by her personal story as an overcomer of adversities that they eagerly adopt her transformational principles for achieving dreams and attaining success.

About the presentation

Overcoming the aftermath of trauma and abuse occurs on many fronts. The more that others can take on themselves to support a survivor’s healing, the more they will be able to focus on their own growth and processing. Abuse survivors often experience feelings of helplessness, low self-worth, and shame long after the abuse ends, but you don't have to live with those feelings forever.

Dr. Parul gives a dynamic thought-provoking presentation on self-leadership that helps spread awareness and compassion for citizens who have experienced domestic violence or other traumatic experiences. She trains audiences on advocating for support, providing resources, and understanding the benefits of getting help when needed. This presentation discusses the importance of rebuilding confidence and self-esteem after certain life adversities strip it away and how it isn’t an easy or quick process, but it’s absolutely within one’s power. This presentation emphasizes the often challenging work and process of reclaiming life’s goals and dreams after life’s challenges are within reach.

Dr. Parul is frequently invited to speak in in person and online events at nationally and internationally on trendy topics in women in leadership, self-leadership, equality and diversity, women empowerment, safeguarding issues, gender based violence, and forced marriages.

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